Welcome to TMC Records Worldwide

TMC was founded by Jasmine K Kara (composer/producer of Ishq) in 2011; the organization was originally called, the "Toronto Music Collective," and it has since grown from a source for music education into a world-wide record label. 

Benefits of Joining TMC

TMC brings together highly and diversely trained musicians, composers, lyricists, and producers across the world that collaborate to create unforgettable music.  

TMC also offers new and aspiring musicians and vocalists a chance to explore the potential of their talents with guided song-writing, composition, recording, music and video production, as well as distribution and social promotion. 

Who Can Join?

TMC offers artist development to international clients in a variety of forms.  Based in Toronto, in-house audio and video recording is offered to GTA artists, while international artists may explore a number of guided options for their projects.

The TMC Social Professionalism Standard:

TMC is proud to take a lead in representing artists in the utmost professional light, steering clear of all profanity and mature content.  We are strong supporters of gender equality, multiculturalism, neuro-diversity, education and maintaining a positive influence for impressionable young audiences.  Working with and supporting TMC means leaving this world a better and more accepting place through the legacy of our music.

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